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Mission & Vision

Beginning in 1929, our Quality Oil Company believes in delivering quality service. From Virginia to Florida, our Company believes in keeping our customers a priority.

We hope we make you feel at home by serving you your fuel oil and propane needs, providing you a place to stay at one of our hotels, and welcoming you into one of our convenience stores. Quality Oil Company has developed a long-standing heritage of integrity, honesty, ethical dealings and trust easily recognized by the communities we serve, vendors we use and our employees. Treating each other the way we would like to be treated, as simple a statement as that may seem, has led to the development of a sense of pride and loyalty to our Company that can only be admired by our competitors. Standing on the values which got us to where we are today, and leading us into the future, our commitment to you and from you will be to strive:
    • To do it because it is right
    • To treat customers, vendors, and fellow employees as we would like to be treated
    • To be financially responsible
    • To be better today than yesterday
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Graham Bennett, President, Quality Oil Company
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